Pest Control

The harsh reality is that in today’s world any home, hospital, warehouse, office, etc. is a potential location for a serious problematic pest developmental situation to erupt. Within a matter of days, and sometimes even hours, what started out a small, isolated pest-related incident can quickly turn into a full-scale invasion. Here at Bugs and More Pest Control, we are well aware of the rapid infiltration maneuvers that many of your common, every day house hold insects, rodents and pests utilize to gain access to your home and property. Once inside your domicile, these critters and creepy crawlies quickly locate the surrounding resources and begin to flourish with devastating ferocity, which often yields an explosion in colony numbers. These colonies are not only visually repulsive, but the vast majority of North America’s insects, rodents and pest are the transporters of deadly viruses, bacteria and other life threatening diseases.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Every customer's property is different and, in order to extinguish all pest-related conditionality’s pertaining to infiltration or full-scale infestation, a unique service plan MUST be constructed. That’s why here at Bugs and More Pest Control we stay committed to providing all of our clients with a customized service strategy, which will include close considerations made to each and every intricate detail within your home, property or domicile. On top of our unwavering commitment to detail, our crew of professional staff will execute each and every job-related objective with supreme efficiency, while displaying world class customer service and retaining an unmatched level of respect for the property site itself, as well as for the surrounding community and environment.

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